Los Angeles - Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Race Day Recap

Congratulations to all Masterminds in Los Angeles who conquered the very first 2014 Great Urban Race! All participants started their adventure at Busby’s East and then went on to discover the hidden clues in their city. Masterminds completed a variety of unique activities that required quick thinking, problem-solving, and physical tenacity!

Throughout the day our participants went to Bolt Barber’s where they were required to cover helium balloons with shaving cream and then shave it off without popping it! Masterminds put their taste buds to the test at Carmela’s Ice Cream and also learned a few new thigh exercises at Bar Method. Another favorite was Molly Malone’s Irish Pub where participants had to successfully land and balance golf balls onto open beer bottles.

We’d like to give big high-fives to our first, second, and third place teams who all receive a free entry to the 2014 National Championships in Vancouver where they’ll have the chance to compete for $10,000 in cash prizes. In first place, we had Brujan Spec Wrec Inc Racing finishing in 1:26! Don’t Chase the Rabbit finished in second with a time of 1:53 and Boston College Superfans grabbed the third place spot at 2:00 on the dot!

Thanks to all of the teams who dressed up and brought some added spirit to the day. A special shout out goes to The Oprah Runfrees for winning the costume contest! We would also like to thank our St. Jude volunteers, all of our clue locations, and of course all of our amazing Masterminds. The GUR Crew had such an enjoyable time and we hope to see you on August 9th in Vancouver!

Champion Interview

Team Name: Brujan Spec Wrec Inc.


How many times have you participated in Great Urban Race? Are you a past champion?

This was our 7th or 8th Great Urban Race! We won GUR San Diego back in 2012.

When you open your clue sheet, what is your first step?

Our first steps are to take pictures of the clue sheet and then look at the tic-tac-toe challenge.

Did you use public transportation during the race?


Did you utilize ground support? (phone-a-friend) If yes, how did you choose your team?

Yes, we used ground support. Our ground support normally consists of willing relatives.

Did anything set you back today?

We confused Fairfax High School with Canter’s Deli somehow because of the street address.

What was your favorite challenge?

We really enjoyed the beer bottle challenge at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub and the balloon shaving at Bolt Barber’s.

What’s your team motto/theme song?

Our motto is, “Make Lynda proud!” and our theme song is Run Like the Wind by Christopher Cross.

What role do each of you play on the team?

Marvin is the navigator, Brian is the clue solver, and Shane was the clue sheet caretaker.

Any words of wisdom to future racers?

Your team really has to have similar temperaments and physical ability to complete the race successfully. Also, beer and winning solve all frustrations!

Costume Winners