Vancouver - Championship - Saturday, August 09, 2014

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Race Day Recap

Congratulations to all Masterminds in Vancouver who conquered the 2014 Great Urban Race Championship! All participants started their adventure at Mahony & Sons Pub and then went on to discover the hidden clues in Vancouver. Masterminds completed a variety of unique activities that required quick thinking, problem-solving, and physical tenacity!

Throughout the day our participants conquered the prelims, which included carefully stretching out bagel dough at Solly’s Bagelry so it was large enough for both teammates to make it through the hole. Also, who could forget paddle boarding at Vancouver Water Adventures and picking up a large crab while blindfolded at The Lobster Man? Participants also had to complete the card throwing challenge at the Reckless Bike Store and the grape stomp challenge at Stompers.

The Elite Eight race was a whole different story! Masterminds put their sword fighting skills to the test at Academie Duello and practiced their circus skills on the skyladder at the Vancouver Academy of Music. Participants had pretty good aim while shooting guns at Three Vets and who could forget about the hawk holding challenge at Mt. Pleasant Community Center? Another unforgettable challenge was at Kitsilano Mini Storage, which included jumping into a coffin full of creepy crawlers!

We’d like to give big high-fives to our top eight teams who qualified for the Elite Eight race during the prelims. For the Elite Eight race, in first place, we had Vignette KD finishing in 3:23! Tweedles finished in second with a time of 3:50 and The Nads grabbed the third place spot at 4:15. In fourth place, we had Vignette MJ with a time of 4:23 and Dynamic Health Racing finished closely after with a time of 4:23. The Finnsters grabbed sixth place with a time of 4:24! In seventh place we had Cougin’ It – Oyster Racing finishing at 4:47 and last but not least, Taintaistic took eighth with a time of 5:29!

Thanks to all of the teams who dressed up and brought some added spirit to the day. A special shout out goes to the Cunning Runts for winning the costume contest! We would also like to thank our volunteers, all of our clue locations, and of course all of our amazing Masterminds! The GUR Crew had such an enjoyable time in Vancouver and we can’t thank you enough for these past eight incredible years. We hope to see you all very soon at another Red Frog event.

The GUR Crew

Champion Interview

Team Vignette KD

How was it?
Kip: A lot of running! Probably 11 miles in the Prelim race and 25 in the Elite 8 race.

Do you do any special training for this event?
Kip: Not really, we do so many races, that proves to be good training in itself!

Did you have a favorite challenge?
Kip: Swordfighting!

Do you have a favorite past GUR?
Kip: Championship ’12 in Vegas. The course and challenges were amazing.

What’s your “secret?”
Dave: We have the best phone contact in the business (Chris). We don’t make any decisions, we don’t plan the route – we leave that up to him.

Does he ever mess up?
Kip & Dave: There are little mistakes here and there but that’s part of the race, having to turn back sometimes, go in a different direction, etc. The alternative is to sit and wait to solve all the clues, and you just can’t win by playing it safe.

Do you ever get into arguments while racing?
Dave: Yes. But the important thing is, we argue WHILE running.

How do you win all these races?
Dave: We’re just good decision makers. We just make a choice and then deal with the consequence(s) later.

What does your wife do? (To Dave)
Dave: She coordinates everything!

Do you have any special tools you use during the race?
Dave: Not really… A cell, headset, backpack – all teams have their favorite headset, ours is the “trucker” headset.

Is there anything you don’t like doing during these races?
Dave: During a race, either of us would do anything. If you asked if I wanted to jump in a coffin with bugs again for fun, I’d say no.

What do you do for work?
Dave: Kip is a software engineer for Google and I am a mechanical engineer.

How did you two meet?
Dave: We met at a race in Texas, and actually used to compete against each other. We eventually got sick of competing so we decided to team up!

How many races per year do you do?
Kip & Dave: We used to race a lot, say 30-40 weekends a year, but now it’s closer to 15-20 weekends a year.