Atlanta - Saturday, April 05, 2014

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Race Day Recap

Congratulations to all Masterminds in Atlanta who conquered the 2014 Great Urban Race! All participants started their adventure at Game-X and then went on to discover the hidden clues in their city. Masterminds completed a variety of unique activities that required quick thinking, problem-solving, and physical tenacity!

Throughout the day our participants went to Noodle House where they had to complete the penne noodle challenge. Participants put their hairstyling skills to the test at Studio Oliver where they had to practice a perm rod curl on a mannequin. Another favorite was at Villain’s Wicked Heroes where teammates had to lasso their partner!

We’d like to give big high-fives to our first, second, and third place teams who all receive a free entry to the 2014 National Championship in Vancouver on August 9 where they’ll have the chance to compete for $10,000 in cash prizes. In first place, we had Beer Goggles finishing in 1:46! Snappy Dappy finished in second with a time of 1:48 and Two Native Atlantans grabbed the third place spot at 1:51.

Thanks to all of the teams who dressed up and brought some added spirit to the day. A special shout out goes to Cousin Power for winning the costume contest! We would also like to thank our St. Jude volunteers, all of our clue locations, and of course all of our amazing Masterminds! The GUR Crew had such an enjoyable time and we hope to see you again later this year in Vancouver.

Champion Interview

1st Place

Team Name: Beer Goggles

How many times have you participated in Great Urban Race?  Are you a past champion?

We’ve participated in three GUR Tampas, a Championship (Puerto Rico), and now GUR Atlanta. We’ve won first place twice before.

When you open your clue sheet, what is your first step?

Take a picture and send it to our crew. Also, we run and try to knock out tic-tac-toe first while we solve for locations.

Did you use public transportation during the race?

Nope – all on foot! We tried to predict what the course would look like beforehand and we didn’t think public transportation would help too much for this particular race. Only one bus passed us the whole day, so it worked out!

Did you utilize ground support? (phone-a-friend) If yes, how did you choose your team?

Yep, we had help from other teams from Tampa (where we’re from) and people who have helped us before.

Did anything set you back today?

Clue #3. It was the furthest east and there were a couple similar places our crew found. Also, the shell challenge – it took us over a minute to get it!

What was your favorite challenge?

The roller derby challenge was pretty fun and the jacket we had to wear was entertaining. The multi-part physical challenge at the spa we also enjoyed and were able to do a little multi-tasking. While we were doing our wall sit, we sang ‘Chicken Fried’ for the tic-tac-toe!

What’s your team motto/theme song?

13 seconds (how much we lost first place by in Tampa’s race!).

What role do each of you play on the team?

Brains and brawn! Just kidding. Brian is the navigator and Seth is the clue guy (keeping track of the clue sheet and making sure they’ve got everything).

Any words of wisdom to future racers?

Don’t forget to have fun out there! We wouldn’t have driven to Atlanta from Tampa if we didn’t have a great time out on the course.


2nd Place

Costume Contest Winners

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