Tampa - Saturday, February 02, 2013

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# denotes team received a penalty
!! denotes teammate competed as a St. Jude Hero
DNF denotes team did not finish within the 5 hour time limit
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Race Day Recap

Congratulations to all participants in Tampa who made our first Great Urban Race of 2013 such an awesome success! We had over 380 Masterminds at the event and the beautiful weather made for an awesome day of adventure. All participants started the race at Splitsville Lanes and went on to explore the streets of Tampa. Masterminds completed a variety of unique activities that required patience, brains, and physical strength!

We know there are alligators in Florida but were you able to handle the heat of the fire-walking clue at Gaspar’s Grotto? Some of our other favorite clues at this event included the alligator holding at Roosevelt 2.0 and the labyrinth clue at Pizza Fusion! We also had a hidden Great Urban Race geocache as well!

A special thanks to everyone who donated to the Ronald McDonald House, your efforts are truly appreciated! We’d also like to thank all of the St. Jude volunteers and each of our Tampa St. Jude Heroes! We’d like to give you all a big high-five for supporting such an amazing cause.

We would also like to extend a special congratulations to our first, second and third place teams who all receive a free entry to the 2013 Championship Race and the chance to compete for $10,000! In first place, Beer Goggles came dashing through the finish line with a time of 1:50ETC came wasn’t too far being, crossing the finish line at 2:00 on the dot! And shortly after, Electric Fetus came bolting through the arch with a time of 2:01! Congratulations to our very speedy, and very close, Top Three Teams!

The costumes in Tampa did not disappoint! After an intense clap-off between some awesome costumes, it was Mountain Lighting that won the crowd over! Thanks to everyone who dressed in costume and added to the spirit of the day!

Thank you again to our St. Jude volunteers, Miller 64, all of our clue locations and of course, all of our phenomenal participants.  The GUR Crew had an amazing time and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Champion Interview

With Beer Goggles

Have you ever participated in a GUR before?

Last year,  and we had a blast!

How did you prepare for the race?

We looked at old answer sheets to practice searching on our phones, printed out maps and made sure we had a table before we received the clues.

What was your overall race strategy?

Answer questions, map out the clues and take off running!

Did anything go wrong during the race?

Forgot to get two items for the Ronald McDonald clue, so we had to go back in for the missing items.

What was your favorite clue? Why?

Holding the alligator was awesome! We weren’t scared, but it was pretty awesome to get to hold one. We want one as a pet now…

What was the most memorable part of the day?

When our clues were checked off and we found out we were #1!

Any secrets to your success that you’d be willing to share?

Giant brains.