Seattle - Saturday, May 18, 2013

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* denotes team qualified for the National Championship
** denotes team qualified for the National Championship
and will receive FREE entry
# denotes team received a penalty
!! denotes teammate competed as a St. Jude Hero
DNF denotes team did not finish within the 5 hour time limit
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All times have been adjusted to account for any penalties administered

Race Day Recap

Congratulations to all participants in Seattle who came out for another spectacular Great Urban Race! We had around 400 Masterminds at the event, which made for an awesome day of adventure. All participants started the day off at World Sports Grille and went on to explore the hidden gems of Seattle! Masterminds completed a variety of unique activities that required quick thinking, problem solving, and physical tenacity!

Throughout the day our participants bent steel rebar with their throats at OGRE Crossfit and tested their culinary skills by flipping nuts at Hipcooks! Our Masterminds also put their fear of heights aside as they jumped off scaffolding into an airbag!

Congratulations go out to our first, second, and third place teams who all receive a free entry to the 2013 Championship Race in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the chance to compete for $10,000! In first place, we had Avenging Narwhals in 1:39! Urban Sexploration finished second with a time of 2:11 and The Smurfs grabbed the third place spot at 2:14!

Well-deserved rounds of applause were given to some great costumes at Great Urban Race Seattle, but it was Notsosuper Heroes who won the crowd over. Thanks to all the teams who brought some added spirit to the day!

Thanks to our St. Jude Heroes, especially The GUrban Woodsmen for fundraising money to help provide hope to the families of St. Jude patients. We’d also like to thank all of our St. Jude volunteers, clue locations and of course all of our amazing participants. The GUR crew had such a great time and we look forward to seeing you next year, Seattle!


Champion Interview

With Avenging Narwhals

How many times have you participated in Great Urban Race? Are you a past champion?

           We have participated 11 times total and in 5 championships.

When you open your clue sheet, what is your first step?

We take a photo and send it to our grounds team.

Did you use public transportation during the race?

No, we looked for a bus, but decided against it.

Did you utilize ground support? If yes, how did you choose your team?

Yes, My brother is the “brain center” and we use other teams who are not competing.

Did anything set you back today?

The Pine V. East Pine difference.

What was your favorite challenge?

Eric: Airbag

John: Rebar

What’s your team motto/ theme song?

“Just keep moving.” or “Dad, shut up!”

What role do each of you play on the team?

We play to each other’s strengths. Eric = Magic Cards and John=Navigation

Any words of wisdom for the future racers?

Use ground support, have a good map, an efficient route, and no stress.