New York - Saturday, August 17, 2013

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* denotes team qualified for the National Championship
** denotes team qualified for the National Championship
and will receive FREE entry
# denotes team received a penalty
!! denotes teammate competed as a St. Jude Hero
DNF denotes team did not finish within the 5 hour time limit
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All times have been adjusted to account for any penalties administered

Race Day Recap

Congratulations to all participants in New York City who came out for another spectacular Great Urban Race! We had over 400 Masterminds at the event and the beautiful weather made for a great day of adventure. All participants started the race at Boat Basin Cafe and went on to explore the streets of Manhattan. Masterminds completed a variety of unique activities that required patience, brains, and physical strength!

A few of our favorite clues at this event included learning how to hip hop at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center and striking a pose at Mang’Oh Yoga Studio. We were very impressed by everyone’s musical talents at Three Little Birds and who could forget the potato challenge at Gossip Bar and Restaurant!

A special thanks to everyone who donated to Coalition for the Homeless, your efforts are truly appreciated! We’d also like to thank all of the St. Jude volunteers, St. Jude Heroes and our top St. Jude Fundraiser, Denise DeGregorio. We’d like to give you all a big high-five for supporting such an amazing cause.

We would also like to extend a special congratulations to our first, second and third place teams who all receive a free entry to the 2013 Championship Race in Puerto Rico and the chance to compete for $10,000 in prizes! In first place, the Satan Sheets came dashing through the finish line with a time of 3:09! Super Moon Chasers weren’t too far behind, crossing the finish line at 3:15! Grabbing third place was Team Starbucks with a time of 3:22 as well! Congratulations to our very speedy Top Three Teams!

The costumes in New York City did not disappoint. After an intense clap-off between some awesome costumes, it was the group of Delta Mu and Kappa Sigma Rho that won the crowd over! Thanks to everyone who dressed in costume and added to the spirit of the day.

Thank you again to our St. Jude volunteers and all of our clue locations and of course, all of our phenomenal participants. The GUR Crew had such a fun time. We look forward to seeing you again next year, thanks New York!

Champion Interview

With The Satan Sheets 

How many times have you participated in Great Urban Race? Are you a past champion?

For the majority of our team, this is our second race. We finished sixth in San Francisco last year with our penalties, so we are first time champions!

When you open your clue sheet, what is your first step?

Divvy up the clues. We each solve one, and send the clues to our friends not participating. We keep a piece of scratch paper that has the addresses of the locations we are going to and stick to that.

Did you use public transportation during the race?

Yes. We took one bus and one subway. It was clutch!

Did you utilize ground support? If yes, how did you choose your team?

Yes, we did!

Did anything set you back today?

Our phone-a-friends solved the location for #5, but we didn’t make it a priority on our scratch piece of paper we were navigating with. So we didn’t go to that location, which gave us a 30-minute penalty.

What was your favorite challenge?

Learning the hip-hop dance at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center!

What’s your team motto/ theme song?

Five more blocks!

What role do each of you play on the team?

Pierce crosses the street like a New Yorker—with no hesitation. Ellie solves the clues and navigates. The other two are “Bloodhounds”—they run ahead and check things out. The key to their team is trusting each other to play their roles! 

Any words of wisdom for the future racers?

Have a team you trust, pack light, and thoroughly check your clue sheet before crossing the finish line.