Atlanta - Saturday, April 13, 2013

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* denotes team qualified for the National Championship
** denotes team qualified for the National Championship
and will receive FREE entry
# denotes team received a penalty
!! denotes teammate competed as a St. Jude Hero
DNF denotes team did not finish within the 5 hour time limit
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All times have been adjusted to account for any penalties administered

Race Day Recap

Congratulations to all participants in Georgia who came out for our 6th Great Urban Race in Atlanta! We had over 600 Masterminds at the event and the beautiful weather made for an awesome day of adventure. All participants started the day off at Sidebar and went on to explore the streets of Atlanta. Masterminds completed a variety of unique activities that required patience, brains, and physical strength!

We had plenty of Masterminds who were quick on their feet-even quick enough to walk over broken glass! Other impressive feats by our Masterminds included solving a murder mystery and eating a “jalapeno ghost pepper” wing!

A special congratulations is in order for our first, second, and third place teams who all receive a free entry to the 2013 Championship Race and the chance to compete for $10,000! In first place, we hadTwo Native Atlantans who finished with a time of 1:38! Just a minute later, Professor Plum’s Possecame through the finish line in a time of 1:39, and just one minute after that was Paint the Town Pinkwith a finishing time of 1:40! What a close race!

Well-deserved rounds of applause were given to some great costumes at Great Urban Race Atlanta, but it was the Duck Dynasty Divas who won the crowd over. Thanks to all the teams who brought some added spirit to the day!

Thanks also to our St. Jude volunteers, especially to Team BullSht (comprised of Shaun Seliger, Timothy Reynolds, and Randall Bull) who managed to fundraise over $2,265! We also want to show our appreciated to Miller 64, all of our clue locations, and of course all of our amazing participants. The GUR crew had a fantastic time and we look forward to seeing you in our 7th year at Atlanta!

Champion Interview

With Two Native Atlantans
How many times have you participated in Great Urban Race? Are you a past champion?

James has participated three times including the National Championship; Chrissy has participated twice. This is their first time winning a local city!

When you open your clue sheet, what is your first step?

They get away from the crowd, then strategize about who will solve what. After that, they head to the location that’s furthest away.

Did you use public transportation during the race?


Did you utilize ground support? If yes, how did you choose your team?

Yes, phone-a-friends. The team consists of friends who plan and participate in events like this one and people who like the idea of Great Urban Race but don’t necessarily want to run the distances.

Did anything set you back today?

Chrissy believed they skipped the wrong clue and that skipping a different one would have made their time faster, but obviously it all worked out!

What was your favorite challenge?

Chrissy: Walking James walk on glass!
James: The glass walking or the murder mystery challenge at Agatha’s Murder Mystery

What’s your team motto/ theme song?

“Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey

What role do each of you play on the team?

Chrissy is the puzzle-solver. James heads up communication with ground support and strategy of route.

Any words of wisdom for the future racers?

Get a support team to help google/solve and prep them on how you need help during the race!