Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I bring?
Besides at least one teammate, the following items will come in handy for Great Urban Race:
  • A team costume or uniform
  • Your signed GUR Participant Waiver
  • A smartphone and/or digital camera with charger
  • A bag to hold your items
  • Pen or pencils
  • Extra cash
What do I get?
  • A GUR 2013 T-shirt
  • A Finisher's Medal
  • A free beverage (for racers 21+)
  • Water
  • Banana
  • Granola Bar
How well do I have to know my city?
As long as you can think on your feet and be ready for anything, you'll have a shot at winning.
I'm out of shape. Can I do this?
Teams can go at their own pace and should be able to complete the course.
Do you have to have a teammate(s)?
Yes, every person must compete in teams of 2-4 participants.
My company would love to sponsor the event. What do we do?
There are many exciting opportunities for sponsorship! For more information, email us at
Are there any Marketing or Partnership opportunities?
We are always looking for new and creative ways to partner with other companies and brands. There are many opportunities to establish a mutually beneficial marketing relationship. If you're interested in partnering with us, please email for more information!
How do we volunteer?
Thank you! We'd love for you to join us. Email us at for more information, or click HERE to apply now!
I have another question. How do I find the answer?
Shout to us here
I registered online. Now what?

You should receive confirmation email immediately from our registration site. About one month before the race, you'll receive an email from the Great Urban Race staff with the final details. You'll also receive two more emails prior to the race. Your packet will be available at packet pick-up the morning of the race, organized alphabetically by team name. There you will receive your t-shirts and bib numbers. Everyone will receive their clues at 12:00pm the day of the race immediately following the rules and announcements. It's a big time saver to print off the waiver and come with it initialed and signed, so it is ready to go! This will save you and everyone else a lot of time waiting in line. For our super-prepared racers, below is the waiver to download, read, print, initial and sign:

GUR Participant Waiver

I'm registered, but I/my teammate got injured/can't make it. Can I get a refund?

We're unable to offer refunds no matter the circumstance, but you do have the option to transfer your registration to a different person or race location for a transfer fee of $5 + any difference in race price (current race price - original price paid). To switch your registration shoot us a message here! Please send us your confirmation number, city, the name of the original teammate(s) and the new teammate's name, email address and t-shirt size. Teams may not transfer registration to the National Championship race and the transfer may only occur to a race in the current year.

How do the clues and challenges work?

Each team will be given an envelope that contains twelve clues ranging in difficulty at the start of the race.

The clue sheet will contain a mixture of clues, some physical and some mental. Teams will have the option to skip one of the twelve clues, but beware of any clue marked as mandatory. Failure to complete a mandatory clue will result in disqualification.

How long is the race?

Every city is unique, however, the course is designed so the winners should finish in 1.5 - 3 hours, most participants will finish 3 - 4 hours and the course and clues are shut down after 5 hours.

The distance of the race depends on the route you take. Think 4-8 miles on your feet or by transit, maybe less, maybe more. It's up to you and depends on the route you choose!

What types of clues will I be completing?

You will be presented with a variety of challenging and unique tasks! Below are basic descriptions of clues you may encounter. Check out the Clues page for specific examples!

Physical Challenges: Feed your teammate some tasty food, do something daring, or compete in a game. Mazes, Segways, Tae Kwon Do lessons, bicycle races, holding huge fish, canoeing and many other activities were used in prior years.

Puzzles: Think anagrams, word searches, cryptograms and crosswords.

Brain Teasers: Riddles or tests to tease your brain.

Challenges: Interaction with the general public.

What constitutes a penalty?

For every incorrect or incomplete clue, a 30-minute penalty will be added to the team's finish time. You must have 11 complete and correct clues to avoid a penalty. Once a team crosses the finish line, teams will not have the option of returning to properly complete any incomplete or incorrect clue.

It is the team's responsibility to bring to the finish line all necessary proof of completion as specified on the clue sheet.

Where do we start on Race Day and what time should we show up?
Each location varies, so check your city's registration page for details! You should plan to arrive between 30-60 minutes prior to the start of the race!
How do I get my stuff?

Packet pick-up is alphabetical by team name. You must have a completed waiver covering all teammates and provide your team name to Great Urban Race staff. NOTE: If your team name starts with "the" or "team" your packet will be alphabetized by the next letter. For example, "The Blue Barricudas" would be under "B."

When do we get our clues?
All the teams will get their clues at the same time immediately following the announcements at noon.
What should I wear?

Whatever you're comfortable in! Costumes are always encouraged, but all participants will receive a Great Urban Race t-shirt on race day as well.

Dress for the elements and check the weather in your area prior to the race. You'll be on your feet for the day, so comfortable shoes are recommended!

What if it rains?
Rain or shine, the race will go on!
What if we do not have a smart phone/digital camera?
Ask family and friends to borrow theirs. You may choose to skip any clue. However, if your team completes less than 11 out of the 12 clues it will result in penalties.
Will I have to eat things?
It is a definite possibility! Challenges vary from city to city. However, it may be a good idea to pick at least one teammate with a strong stomach!
How do I know what my time is?

A team's time will be recorded when all teammates have crossed the finish line.

We will announce the Top 25 teams and all other awards at the awards ceremony shortly after the race ends. All finishing times (after adjusting for penalties) will be posted on the website by Tuesday following the race.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

Either the current registration owner or the person with their name on the registration may transfer their registration or another’s registration to another Warrior. The registration owner is the individual who purchased the original registration/s.

All transfers to another event or person require a transfer fee of $5 + any difference in event price (current event price - original price paid). Red Frog Events reserves the right to change the transfer fee at any time.

How do we qualify for the National Championship?
Finish among the Top 25 teams at any race in 2013!